Concept Capra flying car with road kit is a true all-terrain vehicle

The Concept Capra is a comfort-maximizing city vehicle is an affordable and cost-effective personal mobility solution for the future which possesses modular abilities. The first flying car prototype came into being almost 80 years ago though the technology was never really investigated into as a viable prospect for civilian vehicles. The Concept Capra looks to bring air travel to the masses in the form of an easy to use car like vehicle.

Concept Capra is made to maximize its modular abilities in order to bring us an affordable, cost-effective but yet comfort city vehicle
To enable modular construction, the concept comes with a special chassis shape that allows developers and modders to fit the vehicle with a number of engine types that can use a wide variety of fuels as well. The main focus of the modern technologies would be to make the design as sustainable as possible with propulsion choices also offering a range of modular options.

The vehicle is fitted with an aero kit as well as a road kit that allows the vehicle to be driven as an airborne craft as well as a road car. The vehicle can thus be driven in all terrain conditions with its convertible body style being suited to all weather conditions as well. Though the designer has not specified the details of the transitional vehicle, the concept still provides a great basic framework for vehicles of these type.

Author: Jorge Foster

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