Flying RC DeLorean: Inspired by movie ‘Back to the future’

Right from schooling kids to elders, everybody would love to play with RC toys. Readers who have witnessed the movie, “Back to the Future”, would have admired Doc Brown’s DeLorean car, definitely. To everybody’s surprise, a Quadrotor toy with similar design has been created and flown, which is evident from the footage below. To be precise, this RC toy resembles Doc Brown’s DeLorean car and it flies exactly in the same way as portrayed in the movie. However, there are certain noticeable differences which are highly essential to keep this machine airborne.

The footage showcases the stupefying design along with a short slideshow about the making of this RC plane. It clearly depicts the use of simple materials and the uncomplicated creation process; however, this machine’s successful flight over the icy land, delights the viewers with its real flying capacity. A base platform holds four propellers on the ends, where one could visualize a traditional car’s wheels. These propellers are powered by Turnigy 2204-14T motors and monitored by a speed controller. However, the propeller section seems to be static with respect to its horizontal axis. Literally, these propellers won’t tilt to the wheel’s position, in contrast to the car that is portrayed in the original movie. Inclusion of a MultiWii control takes responsibility for the Quadrotor’s stability.

The RC toy’s upper body seems to be made from lightweight materials that takes position above the base platform. As the propellers are built to face the upper body, the bottom side of integrated propeller sections are rightly utilized for landing the vehicle safely. As there are four contact points for a car generally, forces during take off and landing could be rightly shared among them. The released footage shows the propeller sections with glossy blue lights, which attracts attention at the first glimpse itself. This RC plane would have invigorated us further, if it could take us back to the future.

Author: Jorge Foster

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