Hotrod built around a GMC 6-71 blower kit is a bare-naked beauty

Connecticut-based custom car maker Andrew Murray is a man of great aesthetic sensibilities as well as natural instinct for creating awesome hotrods. He is a regular at Bonneville and the man is all set for the salt flats once again with his latest creation. Dunned The Coupe, the vehicle is a genuine work of art and the most remarkable thing about its construction is the fact that it was constructed entirely around a $200 GMC 6-71 blower kit Murray purchased off eBay. A true labor of love, a major part of the components on the vehicle were handcrafted and hand formed by Murray himself who used inspiration from many of his own previous works as well as a handful of classic designs to create the bodywork for what can only be dubbed one of the most unique hotrods we have ever seen.

Generally found at the front of the Chevrolet V8, the blower was re-timed and reclearanced by Murray who also accommodated crankshaft (direct) drive on the vehicle by reversing the vehicle’s impeller rotation. With 3.90:1 gears, a limited-slip differential from Torsen sits inside the vehicle’s powertrain with lateral location being facilitated by a custom Watt’s linkage and a torque arm. A Northeast Asphalt Modified–style set up is chosen for the rear suspension.

A Trans-Am engine-sourced Kryptonite crank and a World Products block form the basis of the 302ci Chevy engine and a hybrid Hilborn/ACCEL EFI fuel injection setup was used alongside by a custom-made direct-drive blower system. On both ends, beam axles come fitted with a 114-inch wheelbase11/2-inch chrome-moly tubing on semi-space frame minimalist chassis.

Since Murray knew right from the start that he wanted the vehicle to race at Bonneville, he ensured that the vehicle was fully SCTA safety regulations complaint. A dozen or so significant historic designs have had their influence on the hand formed bodywork which has starkly and intentionally been left bare with unfinished aluminum showing off its colors and textures. In keeping with Murray’s legendary style, no hint of paint was applied to the interior or exterior panels.

The vehicle boasts of a retro-futuristic dashboard with mid-’60s Chrysler gauge movements, Shroeder Sprint Car-sourced steering wheel, Kirkey-sourced seats, front wheels sourced from Ron Blondell and ’59 Fike Bros Plumbing Sprint Car-sourced Halibrand rear wheels make up the goodies on the custom hotrod. Ready for road, track, dirt, and salt, The Coupe is all set to be one of the stars at custom hotrod events across the U.S. in the year ahead.

Author: Jorge Foster

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