Tata’s concept eco: All you need to know

Believe it or not, but TATA has proved that the human mind can bring alive the most refreshing innovations in the form of cars. Due to the introduction of cars like Nano and Indica, TATA has been a famous name in the world of small cars. These cars are known for their smooth handling and comfortable interior spacing. Last year, Pixel was being introduced by TATA and it gained an overwhelming popularity among the car lovers for its unique features like the scissor shaped doors and the zero turn driving system.This time, it has introduced another beauty named Megapixel and the first look at the vehicle would make the viewers glued to its creative design.

The machine:

TATA Megapixel is an addition in the list of vehicles that don the REEV (Range-extended electric vehicles) concept. The cars built on this concept are so designed that they can run on battery for a specific duration and after that, the diesel (or even petrol) generator provided in the car recharges the battery so that the car goes on for long distances. It has a Lithium-ion phosphate battery (13 KwH) and also a petrol engine generator which is responsible for recharging the battery when you would plan a long drive. The petrol engine that is capable of producing a power of 25 Kw is a 325 cc single cylinder engine and this is the asset that provides a favorable value to the fuel economy of the car. This enables the range of this car to be extended to a commendable limit of 900 kilometers. If you are worried about the fuel economy, don’t be. It’s TATA after all. With a fuel economy of 100 kmpl, this car serves as the perfect option for your needs of a fuel efficient car.

When depend on the electric power of the car, you need not be concerned about the capacity to which this compact beauty can drive because it entails in itself four electric motors. These independent electric motors are capable of producing a power of 10Kw of power. With the torque capacity of 500 Nm, Megapixel is sure to impress you with its comfortable handling even at high speeds. (The top speed is expected to be 110 kmph. That is really impressive!)

What’s good?

The most interesting feature embedded in this car is the induction charging system. By virtue of this charging system, Megapixel can be charged by just parking it on the induction pad, without the need of plugging in. This charging system can charge the battery up to a limit of 80% and this charging would be done at a pace that would leave you awe-struck(30 minutes is a time that is worth spending for charging your car). So you need not worry about halts in your journey. Also, it tops the charts when it comes to being an environment friendly car. The reason for this is the limit of Co2 emissions which is a mere 22gms every kilometer. Hence, you won’t be a convict of polluting the environment when you drive Megapixel.

Another exciting feature of the car is its spacious interior.The “zero turn” drive system further adds to the beauty of the handling of the car and it provides a turning radius of 2.8 meters.

What’s not so good?

Well, this is something that would upset you. The only flaw in this car is that it is a concept that is yet to be seen running on the road. Leave aside this aspect; you won’t be able to find any more weak areas in its design and performance.However, some people may find it too compact as its length is just 3.5 meters. But, don’t create an opinion without having a look inside. You are sure to change your opinion after that.


A HMI (Human machine interface) allows you to have a glimpse of the advancement in technology that has made the interaction of humans and machines a reality. The various controls are beautifully embedded in a touch screen system to give them a user friendly touch.

Things to watch out for:

The only thing you need to watch out for is the date on which it would be seen in showrooms. Keep waiting, and your patience would find its true worth, for sure.

Price and Availability:

There are not much details available related to the price at which this vehicle would be available in the market. Also, its availability period cannot be judged because of shortage of information regarding it.


Author: Jorge Foster

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