Vintage Jaguar gets turned into an interesting storage unit

Recycling seems to have taken on the world in a big way. With no space left for anything, the only option is to reuse. This has turned out well in more ways than one, offering creative people an outlet for their talent. But individuals aren’t the only ones getting into the game with design studios like Denieuwegeneratie, a Dutch-based firm, also doing the same. The studio recently constructed a new underground office called Dutch Mountain that blends into its surroundings. As part of their designing efforts, the studio decided to convert a vintage Jaguar car into a tall bookshelf.


The result is a quirky piece of work that sees the car standing vertically. To enable it to act as storage space and reduce its weight, the designers removed the engine and cut out most of the roof. They installed shelves for books and other items as well as converting the trunk into a cabinet with two door panels. While the entire concept may seem a little out of place, it’s a great way to give this vintage Jaguar a new lease of life.

The vintage car bookshelf goes well with Denieuwegeneratie’s design theme. As it is, the architecture of the building seems eager to make as little impact on the environment as possible. The office sits beneath an artificial mound of earth that acts as insulation for the interiors. The south façade of the building is left open and is framed by glass and timber. This helps sunlight enter during the cold months reducing the load on heating equipment.

The retro car bookshelf has received compliments from bloggers on the internet for its innovative design. And while it does look a tad showy, we love the fact that the designers decided to use something of the owner’s to personalize the space.

Author: Jorge Foster

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